Our instrumentation is built upon angle beam technology that goes far and beyond conventional side scan sonars. It allows sweeping large sections of waterbed in high resolution gaplessly, without making excuses for a dead zone underneath and long search time. Angle beam imaging is among the most exciting evolving sonar technologies today.

Our transducer arrays have uncompromised performance and work in all types of underwater environments, from shallow ponds to ocean deep. They has excellent track record and will remain in active duty for years to come. Recently, our Model 630 transducer earned  DNV certification for subsea manned missions.

Jaimi™ is a real-time acquisition and imaging software package for angle scan and side scan sonars. With flexible user interface, sensor integration and automated features it provides all necessary tools to help busy marine operator keep the course steady and complete mission on time.

Angle Scan Videos

Jaimi monitor gray wm
JaimiTM graphical user interface