Model 2350 LX

Light Array | Side Scan Sonar Equipment

Mid-water depth rated, dual frequency side scan sonar array 230/540 kHz. Max. operating depth 1,000 meters (1,500 psi).

Jetasonic® 2350 LX feature low-profile rectangular body, urethane encapsulation, top mounting holes, easy-to-change array length and flexible pigtail connection. Can be used with or without plastic faring to improve hydrodynamic properties (not included). Ships pressure tested to 1,500 psi.

Download outline drawing for 2350 LX (94kb)

Operating channelsLH
Series frequency (Fs)230 kHz540 kHz
Quality factor (Qm)64.8
Beam angle, fore-aft (@-3 dB)0.4°
Beam angle, vertical (@-3 dB)60°60°
Side lobes, fore-aft axis-20 dB-20 dB
Series impedance (|Zs|·e)50 Ω50 Ω
Electrical isolation (500 Vdc)≥109 Ω
Max. input voltage600 Vp
Material / finishAluminum / clear
ID colorWhite
Electrical connectionPigtail
Operating depth1,000 m