Model 1240 LP

Light Array | Side Scan Sonar Equipment

Shallow water, dual frequency side scan sonar array 120/410 kHz. Max. operating depth 100 meters (150 psi).

Jetasonic® 1240 LP has slick urethane body with optional radius fitting, top side adhesive mounting, and flexible connection. The bottom radius can be changed to meet mounting requirements.

Download outline drawing for 1240 LP (93kb)

Operating channelsLH
Series frequency (Fs)120 kHz410 kHz
Quality factor (Qm)4.56.5
Beam angle, fore-aft (@-3 dB)1.8°0.55°
Beam angle, vertical (@-3 dB)60°60°
Side lobes, fore-aft axis-20 dB-20 dB
Series impedance (|Zs|·e)300 Ω50 Ω
Electrical isolation (500 Vdc)≥109 Ω
Max. input voltage600 Vp
Electrical connectionPigtail / t.s.p.
Operating depth100 m