Model 920 MP

MultiPulse Array | Side Scan Sonar Equipment

Split MultiPulse array 230/540 kHz. Max. operating depth 6,000 meters (9,000 psi).

Model 920 MP combines two separate units, Jetasonic® 920 BD and Jetasonic® 925 BD. Both units have top side mounting and flexible pigtail connectors, refer to the outline drawing for mounting specification. May require faring to improve hydrodynamic properties and to protect cable (not included). Ships pre-tested to 9,000 psi.

Download outline drawing for 920 MP (96kb)

Sub-array920 BD925 BD
Series frequency (Fs)230/540 kHz
Material / finishAluminum / clear
ID color¼" red
Electrical connectionPigtails
Weight (air)7.8 lbs (3.5 kg)
Operating depth6,000 m