Model 1012

Dynamically Focused Array | Side Scan Sonar Equipment

Dynamically focused array 540 kHz with multi-pulse (DFMP) and secondary dynamically focused channel 850 kHz. Max. operating depth 100 meters (150 psi).

Jetasonic® 1012 has aluminum body with black anodize finish, ID end plate, black urethane encapsulation, color face strip, three pairs of top mounting holes, and three pigtail cable connectors. Refer to the outline drawing for mounting specification.

Download outline drawing for 1012 (99kb)

Operating channelsDFDFMP
Series frequency (Fs)850 kHz540 kHz
Beam angle, fore-aft (@-3 dB), min.0.17°0.15°
Beam angle, vertical (@-3 dB)60°60°
Series impedance (|Zs|·e)50 Ω200Ω
Electrical insulation (500 Vdc)≥109 Ωn/a
Input voltage, max.600 Vpn/a
Material / finishAluminum / black
ID colorYellow
Electrical connectionPigtail
Approx. weight (air)20 lbs (9.1 kg)
Operating depth100 m
Standard warranty6 month