Deep Water Arrays

Jetasonic® classic, deep sea, long range side scan sonar arrays for marine submersibles operating as deep as 10,000 meters below the sea surface or static pressures up to 15,000 psi.

Our deep water sonar arrays are designed with high mechanical integrity, long life and excellent acoustic performance in mind. Each array in this class contains one or two independent frequency channels in strong metal housing to withstand unexpected loads and sustain reliable, low noise, simultaneous operation.

Choose from standard deep water models operating at 75, 105, 120 and 410 kHz to ensure the wide swath and high resolution. Most standard models can be used for either port or starboard, or can be produced as separate port and starboard modifications.

Let us know your special requirements for deep water sonar arrays so that we can bring the power of our deep sea acoustic technology to work for you.

Deep Water Array Models:

Major Features & Options

  • Standard testing to 9,000 m depth rating (deeper on request)
  • Optimized acoustic apertures for noise reduction and high resolution
  • Stainless steel housing (optional)
  • Port and/or starboard geometry
  • Bulkhead connection
  • Urethane over-molding (optional)
  • Standard warranty 12 months

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