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Product brochures contain information to showcase the main features of the sonar imaging hardware and compatible optional equipment.  

Operation Manual

Operation manual contain helpful information on the UI software configuration, online tools, as well as system requirements. 

Quick Start Guide

Refer to the Quick Start Guide for software installation instructions,  starting the UI software and playing the sample data files.

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This page contains free software downloads. installation instructions and recorded sample data for demonstration purposes.

Jaimi UI

Jaimi™ UI is a real-time acquisition and imaging software for angle scan and side scan sonars that can be run on a MS Windows® PC computer. It has flexible interface and can adopt various user customizations including changeable layout, global positioning charting software, 3rd party sensors, and more.

JaimiTM graphical user interface
  1. Tracking number
  2. Main menu
  3. Shortcut toolbar
  4. Echo-sounder readout
  5. Bottom profile
  6. Status bar
  7. Signal strength
  8. Zoom box
  9. Snapshot area
  10. Sonar range
  11. Global positioning status
  12. Travel / heading legend
  13. Nautical chart
  14. Main sonar plot
  15. Image snapshot
  16. Progress bar
  17. Secondary sonar plot
  18. Saved targets/waypoints