B-200 Series

Bathymetry Arrays | Bathymetry Sonar Equipment

Multi-channel acoustic arrays 200 kHz for side scan bathymetry and multibeam echosounding with λ/2 receiver spacing and operating depth of 100 or 1000 meters.

Multi-channel arrays of B-200 series can be assembled and encapsulated in aluminum or urethane housing, complemented with additional acoustic transmitters and outfitted with bulkhead or pigtail connectors. Refer to outline drawings for typical array dimensions and mounting.
Patent pending.

Download outline drawing for 200 (99kb)

Frequency (Fs)230 kHz
Number of channels Up to 10
Center-to-center spacingλ/2 (3.26 mm)
Vertical beam angle @ -3 dB100°
Input voltage600 Vp
Electrical isolation≥109 Ω
ConstructionAluminum / urethane
Electrical connectionPigtail / bulkhead
Water depth, max.100 / 1000 m