B-100 Series

Bathymetry Arrays | Bathymetry Sonar Equipment

Multi-channel acoustic arrays 100 kHz for side scan bathymetry and multibeam echosounding with λ/2 receiver spacing and pressure rating to 1000 meters.

Multi-channel arrays of B-100 series, complemented with additional built-in transmitters, are encapsulated in aluminum or urethane housing and outfitted with bulkhead or pigtail connectors.
Patent pending.

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Frequency (Fs)120 kHz
Number or channelsUp to 10
Center-to-center spacingλ/2 (6.25 mm)
Vertical beam angle @ -3 dB100°
Input voltage600 Vp
Electrical isolation≥109 Ω
ConstructionAluminum / urethane
Electrical connectionPigtail / bulkhead
Water depth, max.1000 m