Bathymetry Sonar Equipment

The geo-registered, motion-compensated and calibrated bathymetry sonar equipment is used for measuring altitudes and distances to the ocean floor and underwater objects. Collected information of the ocean depth and target location coordinates helps reconstruct the true 3-D mosaics of the floor topography along with the surrounding underwater environment.

Our innovative, precise arrays 100, 200, 400 and 600 kHz for bathymetry sonars and multibeam echosounders comprise multiple receiving channels in order to register amplitudes and phase angles in the sampled echo signals with minimal errors. We apply clean technologies that limit pollution and the use of toxic materials.

The ½-wavelength channel spacing increases array sensitivity and provides up to 180° unambiguous field of view through the water column. Refer to model specifications for operating frequencies, beam angles, number of channels and depth ratings.